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CIMCO Inc. provides a full range of mechanical systems and maintenance to businesses and industries that assures the comfort, conveniences, and productivity of their environment so they receive the maximum benefit from their facilities.
Enjoy the luxury of utilizing ONE COMPANY for all of your mechanical needs!

Our Story

Cimco’s Philosophy

Since the day that we started Cimco, we have targeted larger and more technical projects in the tri-state area. Within 2 months of incorporation, we landed a $1.7M school project and we haven’t looked back since. Cimco’s financial strength uniquely qualifies us to perform large complex projects, on time and within budget. Cimco has always strived to provide the owner with a quality project at a competitive price, while focusing on the total life cycle cost of the facility. By teaming with the best subcontractors and material suppliers in the market, Cimco has built its reputation on providing facilities that are easy to maintain. We take into consideration maintenance needs, future upgrades, and equipment replacement when installing our mechanical systems. When it is time to turn over the building to the owner, we team with the owner to train their personnel, or Cimco can provide any level of service maintenance through our Building Services Division. Our goal is to help the owner maintain and operate the facility as it was designed.

Safety is paramount at Cimco. Our team is provided with the best tools and training in the industry to ensure we work safely and efficiently. We are committed to our employees and their families that they return home safely at the end of every workday.

Cimco has never failed to deliver a project and has never paid liquidated damages on a project. Understanding the project scope and schedule is core to our project management along with our strategy of working with all trades to make the project successful for everyone.
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